Exploring Channagiri Hills

Twelve member trekking enthusiasts set out to explore Channagiri Hills around 1500 mts above sea level near Nandi Grama (Village) of Chikkaballapur District for a day’s trek. We boarded public transport to Chikkaballapur (35 kms) and from there to of Nandi Grama. (26 kms) One has to trek around 3 KM’s to reach the foot hills from Nandi Bus stand. Next to Nandeeeshwara Temple.

Enroute to the foot hills one has to pass through Sultanpet s hamlet on foot hills of Nandi, which also has walkable steps from here to Nandi Hills.

This place is famous for Grapeyards, Flowers and Sugarcane fields. We do have small scale pottery industries here which continue the legacy .

This place is surrounded by 4 hillocks , Nandigiri, Skandagiri, Deva Giri and Dibba Giri

We visited Potter’s Welfare Society, a small scale industry in Sultanpet and explored the process. Our team captain Suresh, even tried his hands in rotating the wheel.

We need to pass through Grapeyard to reach the foot hills from where our trek started. (Westernside) which challenges trekkers .

Southern side of the hillock is a easy terrain and we choose the western side one which is usually not used by people. One has to go through shrubs and anthills.

Carrying a light jacket and cap is an option to cover from wind and avoid sun burns.

We need to start the trek early to beat the heat. It was bit cloudy when we started and became sunny before we reached the peak. One has to cross over 3 hillocks to reach the summit on a trecherous route. You come across Rocky path across the terrain. It took almost 2.5 hours to trek 4 kms one way.

One has to carry biodegradable consumables and eatables along with min 3 lts water. You don’t get any potable water points enroute the trek.

After constant breaks, we could scale the peak. Today this place is visited as a excursion point and gradually the ecosystem is being affected not only affecting the localities but with garbage strewn around.

We reached the summit which houses

Anjaneya swamy temple.

After lunch and snacks with group photo, we set for down trek which took another 3 hours to reach foothills

Overall it was a memorable trek and for some it was their 1st trek with Ascenders which they thoroughly enjoyed and look forward to another day trek.

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