BASC trek 2 Ramadevarabetta, Kyatasandra on 2nd July 2017

Was exicited as usual to join the trekkers in exploring Ramadevara Betta, adjacent to Siddaganga Mutt.    18 of us gathered at Majestic Bus Stand and boarded the bus till Kyatasandra.   ಸಂಬಂಧಿತ ಚಿತ್ರHungry stomachs fed on Tatte Idly @ Pavitra Idli Hotel in Kyatasandra, after filling our tummies, we set out to Siddaganga Mutt BASC Trek 2 RamadevarabettaDSC_0700which is around 1.5 kms from the Tumkur Highway.


We were greeted by Basavanna’s statue in the mutt’s premises.  We set out the path next to the Mutt’s School premises to reach Siddganga Mutt’s Rest House and adjacent there is a concrete road leading to the foot hills of the Hillock . Before reaching the base for our trek, we were welcomed by a dried lake with some beautiful lotus flowers.  BASC Trek 2 RamadevarabettaDSC_0716.jpgAfter completing our intro, we set forward to scale the summit.    We were joined by students of mutt’s school who are regular visitors on weekends.BASC Trek 2 RamadevarabettaDSC_0725.jpg

Realized that there are 28 boulders which we need to cross over to reach the peak and made up our mind.   Some of our enthusiastic trekkers, couple of them were 1st timers and rest had multiple experiences.    Weather was good, it was cloudy and the path did not seem to be challenging at the beginning.

BASC Trek 2 RamadevarabettaDSC_0727we came across muddy path which made it more challenging and dried grass which posed danger in scaling up .  We were supporting some of the 1st timers as the climb was a challenging one.    After sharing energy boosters and motivating words, we inspired them to complete the climb after frequent resting points and pics.    BASC Trek 2 RamadevarabettaDSC_0761.jpg

We were wondering if there would be a different path to climb down, but were told that we need to  come back in the same direction.   Thanks to Tumkur trekkers who had laid the directions which came in handy. Boulder no. 24 onwards, it is challenging 25th boulder is the starting boundry to reach the summit.

We were greeted by cool and strong breeze at the top of the hill, which had couple of ponds which were completely occupied by the mutt’s children.   The top of the hillock is surrounded by huge boulders and there is a ramalingeshwara temple atop the hillock standing strong amid varied weather conditions.BASC Trek 2 RamadevarabettaDSC_0776

We had couple of group selfie’s across the huge boulder shouldering the hillock.   After moving across the scenic locations , We had BASC Trek 2 Ramadevarabetta20170702_1218152nd round of introductions ,  After couple of selfies and portraits, we were helped by kids in capturing the group pic for memory, we started scaling down.   Scaling up took us 1.5 hours and scalling down was equally difficult and challenging which took easy 2.5 hours to the base .   We were joined by Jagadeesh, who is a avid trekker, photographer and publisher of a wild life magazine .   He gave us couple of leads for future treks.

We reached Siddaganga mutt and were feeling hungry, we joined fellow disciples for Anna Daasoha provided by the mutt authorities for all those visiting the mutt.   Mutt has been feeding thousands of them free of cost .  After finishing the prasadam and having the darshan of Swamaji, we set out to Kyatasandra Railway Station for Bangalore.

It was a memorable trek organised by BASC and thanks to the Organisers  Suresh, assisted by Raveendra in ensuring safety of all fellow trekkers, we reached Bangalore railway station and bid adieu to fellow trekkers.




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