Trek 2 Achalu Betta with Bangalore Ascenders

Was excited to join my trekking team at Bangalore Ascenders in exploring Achalu betta.  16 of enthusiast trekkers set out from Banashankari towards Kanakapura.  After filling fuel to our bodies at Vasu Hotel in Kanakapura we set out to explore Achalu Betta 15 Kms away from Kanakapura towards Sathnur.

1. Achalu Betta

After driving across narrow stretch of Achalu hamlet , we noticed that it has all the modern facilities.  We further travelled across the country side , we reached the base of the hillock and parked our cars at the foot hill and got ready to start our trek.   Weather was getting hotter and we planned to scale up the hillock before the sun changes the direction

2. Temple at the bottom of the hillock

Our team comprised of first time trekkers as well seasoned trekkers.   After identifying the trek path, smiling faces in our team set out to explore the peak. Our trek path was across wild plants, shrubs, bamboo groves  and  rocky path which was slippery at times .  There were traces of wild rabbits moving around and looked like it had rained few days back .

4. Beginning of the trek

Most of the trekkers were at ease in scaling up the hillock and  as usual our Ascenders team were supporting and cheering up the team members who found it a bit difficult to trek due to blazing sun and dust.  Finally we could scale the top of the peak and were over joyed that every one could finally scale the peak without much issues.   It took almost an hour and half to scale the height and we could see the Nandi statue in front of the local diety Muneshwara Temple atop the hill.

6. Smiling faces at the top of the peak

We had team introduction and relaxation at the peak before we started scaling up further.  We could see amazing nature’s beauty from across the rocks.   After team took pics and selfies, we started scaling down.

8. Background of Nandi statue11. Scenic Beauty from the peak

Descending was a challenge and it was slippery .   Finally we took another hour to descend were back to the base where our cars were parked.   We left for Kanakapura to fill our hungry stomach.  Once again it was Hotel Vasu which quenched our hunger.  We set out back to Bangalore to get back to the traffic zone.  After bidding adieu to the team, we reached our destinations.




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