Photreknic from BASC on July 1st 2012 to Veerapuram, Yellodu and Lepakshi

We set up on a  third successive photreknic from BASC on July 1st 2012 to Veerapuram, Yellodu and Lepakshi. There were 11 of us ( Chetana, Me, Muthu, Srivatsa, Dr. Harish, Nagaraj, Neha, Santhosh + 2 ) set out in our Dzire, Xylo and Yamaha motorcycle for a   240 kms drive on NH 7 from Bangalore. We zipped across the road as it was clear in the morning.

Reached chickballapur for breakfast, but our adda was closed as it was Sunday. We once again continued towards NH 7 and located Kamat Uphara for our breakfast. Looks like they had only Kharabaath and Kesribaath, heard they were previous days menu and we did not have any other choice but to have it with coffee. We received a whopping bill of 500 for a morsel of kharabath and a cup of coffee for 11 of us.

Next we set out towards Veerapuram, in Andhrapradesh to have a glimse of the Strokes which migrate from far away siberia. After navigating across bad maintained roads and reaching the village, were met the curator of the birds Mr. venugopala Reddy who has been taking care of these birds for a long time. His house has couple of cages meant for the injured , tired birds so that he can take care of incubation of their eggs, nurse their wounds and let them off once they are fine.  

After initial introduction, team set up to start clicking taking out their cameras, tripods, changing lenses, filters and clicking most amazing birds.   Teams started getting on to the roof tops of house of villagers.    They were very accommodative and assisted us in admiring the beauty of the birds.

We were waiting till th older birds come to feed their younger ones with the Fish they would hunt down the ponds and come to feed them.  Most of the mother strokes started arriving at 10.30 AM with the feeds.    Baby strokes / young strokes which were nested were alerted of their mothers arrival and were eagerly waiting for the feed.

Finally the team wrapped the photosession and we left to Yellodu which is gudibande taluk, chickballapur dist to visit the holy shrine of Lord Adinarayana which is around 30 Kms fromVeerapuram.  

we reached the foothills @ 11.45 AM and strated trekking towards the shrine which has 600+ steps to cover.   It was a daunting task since we had completed the recent trek to huthridurga. But when we covered 300+ steps, the nature was so beautiful and we forgot our stress and started admiring it.

We were welcomed by heard of monkeys which are common in these areas.    They were very curious to see what eatables we had brought and were peeping into our bags

We reached 300+ steps and viewed the nature beauty which was amazing and breath taking as the nature was untouched by trekker and was pollution free.  Dr. Harry was already planning for exploring this hillock and was describing the structure of the hill.        Finally we coverd 600+ steps to enter the shrine of Lord Adinarayana and got his darshan.    Dr. Harry was concerned with the cleanliness of the shrine and gave his mind to couple of devotees who were breaking the coconut offered to  them and warned them to keep the premises clean.

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