BASC Trek 2 Huliyur Durga

Was waiting for a 1 day trek and BASC organised a day’s trek to Huliyur Durga.  12 of avid trekkers set out to explore Huliyur Durga in 3 cars .  Its was cloudy morning, but with serene weather it was suitable for a long drive.

Distance to this hillock is about 80 Kms from Bengaluru ( Majestic),  60 km south of Tumkur town and about 22 km south of Kunigal .  Enjoyed the long drive from Bengaluru to Magadi and its awesome to drive from Magadi to Huliyurdurga via Huthidurga road.  Its full of lush green trees and bushes with hairpin bends in between.    One should exercise care especially at the hairpin bends.

Finally when we reached the base of the hill we found out that its  a solid mass of rock and has the peculiar appearance of an inverted cup. The fortification of the hill commanding the place is about 845 metrHD1es above the sea level and were said to have been erected by Kempe Gowda, the Magadi chief.

We had gone with the assumption that it would be a easy to moderate trek, but ended up with a 2 Km Trek which took around 2 hours for us to climb up the hillock.  This is one place which is not inundated by plastic, as we see in most of the trekking places.    Huliyur Durga is in midst of lush green forest.

HD57There is a beautiful Ganesha temple at the base of the hill which ushers the trekkers to rest in its abode before you gear up to search the path for the trek, as its very narrow stretch  leading to the main rock.   One has to be really careful when stepping on the boulders along the path, they are on loose soil and can come falling down.   Even the twigs and shrubs are on loose soil.  One need to make use of them to navigate through the HD52narrow stretch.

We had to face couple of boulders which was the gate way to the fort which was not foreseen by us,  Suresh came up with the strategy and managed to prepare a make shift rope out of the bush  and helped the fellow trekkers to climb up the rock with ease.   Even though it looked easy, it was  very slippery.  It could have been more slippery if it had rained.   Luckily the weather God’s were kind for the team to climb up.

We HD53had to remove our trek shoes and climb with bare foot to avoid any slippages.    It was an awesome experience of rock climbing.

There are springs,  ruined houses, powder magazines granaries, durbar hall and other remains. The temple close to this hill is said to have been built by Kempe Gowda or by Chikkadeveraya Wodeyar.  One can see the ruined temple atop the hill.   One should not venture going to the temple, as it is surrounded by shrubs and dense bushes.

Finally we were atop the  hillock,  witnessed the nature at its best, it was fantastic to see the Huliyurdurga village surrounded by paddy fields.   After spending an hour at the peak, the team embarked to descend the hillock.    It was a herculean task as we were supposed to  slide down the hillock and step down the loose soil and avoid loose stones falling down, but after successful navigation from core team members we could safely land to the base.  Thanks to Suresh, Raveendra and Harsha who made a difference as usual.HD7

Trekkers who would like to visit this place should consider the below points.

  • Carry Rope for rock climbing and rappelling
  • Cloth Bag  for carrying your shoes & slippers
  • Carry enough water , as you do not find water source.
  • Do not spill eatables and spoil the environment, store wastage in carry bags and dispose at the appropriate place
  • Do not venture alone, be in a group.
  • Do not overtake , you have hairpin bends from Magadi – Huliyurdurga.

Happy Trekking……   Bengaluru Ascenders always Rock

See you all at the next trek.

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Google Map –

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