Trek 2 Huthridurga

Was exited to join the Huthridurga trek when BASC shared the information.   Usually i used be lax as the window for registration is very less with BASC as most would flock and the registration gets closed.   But when i joined the previous trek @ Kailsaparvatha trek last week, was eagerly waiting for the next opportunity.

It was well coordinated treknic which had a team of 21 seasoned, first timers, amateur trekkers.

Most of us were exicted to see Hutridurga after exploring on google maps, you tube and other blogs.   Set out in 4 vehicles accommodating 21 of us.    There were last minute updations and thanks to Raveendra for accepting most of the requests and guiding people to pool into the vehicles of their choice and assemble @ Sunkadakatte on Magadi Road.

Reached Sunkadakatte with 4 fellow trekkers – Raghu, Chetana, Keerthana, Subbu and  Nitin ( after missing the  magadi road cross and ending up at Tumkur Road) as I was cruising in the morning.    Returned back to Magadi road to reach sunkadakatte  and waited opposite Indian Oil Petrol bunk for other trekkers to join.     Sandy ( Sandip Seal)  was already waiting in his Ferrari!!! ( Omni) With his kiddos  (Sourajit Seal  and Souvik Seal)      and Mallikarjun.

Raveendra joined past 6 at the spot with 4  ( Raveendra, Geetha Bala, Aishwarya, Chirag, Pradeep        of his fellow team mates and final to arrive was Dr. Harish Babu in his Xylo with  Arun Patil, Ishwar, Shiva, Lanchana Gupta, Tejaswi,  We set towards Magadi @ 6.30 AM after formal intro of the group and what a cruise it was, clean roads, free from traffic ( atleast during that part of the day)!!  And reached magadi @ 7.45 AM and took a break for breakfast @ Hotel Gayathri Vihar on Magadi – Kunigal Road.   Hotel owner cum waiter was surprised to see 21 of us decending on his hotel and was quick to order for Idli, Vada, Puliogre for our folks.    Most of us were careful in resting on the chairs ( as they were swinging due to heavy load)!!!!

We set towards huthridurga which is once again around 12 kms from Magadi and parked our roaring monsters at the paddy field meant for parking ( to avoid tractors kissing their Bangalore monsters)

Our trek started at 8.30 AM from next to a brick manufacturing unit and we started very enthusiastically.    Our cameras were out and started shooting the rocks and were admired at the rock formation along the route.

We took regular breaks admiring the nature’s beauty and did not feel the tiredness till we reached 800 mts altitude.

We reached the hill top @ 10.30 AM to be welcomed by Nandi at the entrance and saw a beautiful Shiva temple at the top which is in a depleted condition now.      After resting for some time we left to explore  further the hillock.    Walking through shrubs, steep rocks and evading cactus we reached a plateu which was very calm, serene and surrounded by rocks.

Keerthana, Subbu and Nitin started exploring further and were enjoying themselves crusing ahead of the team always and were climbing steep rocks and getting more adventurous.  They were practising  how to dive for a photo shoot!! On all the rocks they could climb and team Sandy was up a rock with tutu enjoying the beauty  rest of us did not want to overcrowd the rocks and  quietly laid down on our back enjoying the beauty of the sky and the surroundings making mockery of each other.

When it was time for  the  lunch, raveendra alerted us to get back to the temple for lunch preparation.    This was one of the momentous  period and every one of us got into action to support the lunch preparation.    Raveendra had brought the portable stove and the utensil with a spoon ( courtesy Geetha)  with camphor tablets which was lit and chef’s Sandy, Shiva got into action arranging for preparing Maggi in supervision of Geetha. Rest of us were busy clicking pictures, some rested on the rocks,  some were busy collecting and brining firewood for liting the fire.

Once we started preparing we realized that we don’t have plates, tumblers and spoons.    Only organised person was Dr. Harish, who had neatly brought a steel plate with him  for the lunch.    For others we hit on the plan to get the  leaves out of the banyan tree and cleaned it.   Water was poured to the utensil from the water bottles for magi  preparation.  Geetha and Shiva did the honors of cutting  the masala powders sachets and showered the powder on the magi.   Sandy was quick enough to stir the maggi and was helped by Shiva.    Once it was prepared, leaves were distributed to the team and maggi was served to every one with the sweet and spicy buns shared by Chetana , it was a good combination with Maggi and in no time Maggi disappeared as folks were hungry.

Rain god started showering some water ( drizzle) when we started having our  maggi oota  and guys enjoyed the showers.  Keerthana and her team went for one more photo shoot of jumping on the rocks and did not participate in our maggi oota.

 We were just banking on 2 lts of water for the entire folks to consume water after lunch.   Most of us just had a sip and did not want to waste it till we reached the base.

After the standing, sitting lunch, we rested for 20 minutes  before embarking to the base to reach our vehicles.        Sandy was very helpful and helped the team to easily climbdown by offering his hands always  especially to Geetha who was very scared.    Finally when we reached the base, raveendra gave a vote of thanks to the team and we dispersed from hurthridurga to Bangalore.

Enroute team had Idli, Masala vada and oota at Magadi before we visited Lord Ranganatha temple before crusing back to Namma Bengaluru.  

Overall it was a fantastic team trek after a long time.

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