Exploring Channagiri Hills

Twelve member trekking enthusiasts set out to explore Channagiri Hills around 1500 mts above sea level near Nandi Grama (Village) of Chikkaballapur District for a day’s trek. We boarded public transport to Chikkaballapur (35 kms) and from there to of Nandi Grama. (26 kms) One has to trek around 3 KM’s to reach the foot hills from Nandi Bus stand. Next to Nandeeeshwara Temple.

Enroute to the foot hills one has to pass through Sultanpet s hamlet on foot hills of Nandi, which also has walkable steps from here to Nandi Hills.

This place is famous for Grapeyards, Flowers and Sugarcane fields. We do have small scale pottery industries here which continue the legacy .

This place is surrounded by 4 hillocks , Nandigiri, Skandagiri, Deva Giri and Dibba Giri

We visited Potter’s Welfare Society, a small scale industry in Sultanpet and explored the process. Our team captain Suresh, even tried his hands in rotating the wheel.

We need to pass through Grapeyard to reach the foot hills from where our trek started. (Westernside) which challenges trekkers .

Southern side of the hillock is a easy terrain and we choose the western side one which is usually not used by people. One has to go through shrubs and anthills.

Carrying a light jacket and cap is an option to cover from wind and avoid sun burns.

We need to start the trek early to beat the heat. It was bit cloudy when we started and became sunny before we reached the peak. One has to cross over 3 hillocks to reach the summit on a trecherous route. You come across Rocky path across the terrain. It took almost 2.5 hours to trek 4 kms one way.

One has to carry biodegradable consumables and eatables along with min 3 lts water. You don’t get any potable water points enroute the trek.

After constant breaks, we could scale the peak. Today this place is visited as a excursion point and gradually the ecosystem is being affected not only affecting the localities but with garbage strewn around.

We reached the summit which houses

Anjaneya swamy temple.

After lunch and snacks with group photo, we set for down trek which took another 3 hours to reach foothills

Overall it was a memorable trek and for some it was their 1st trek with Ascenders which they thoroughly enjoyed and look forward to another day trek.

BASC trek 2 Ramadevarabetta, Kyatasandra on 2nd July 2017


Was exicited as usual to join the trekkers in exploring Ramadevara Betta, adjacent to Siddaganga Mutt.    18 of us gathered at Majestic Bus Stand and boarded the bus till Kyatasandra.   ಸಂಬಂಧಿತ ಚಿತ್ರHungry stomachs fed on Tatte Idly @ Pavitra Idli Hotel in Kyatasandra, after filling our tummies, we set out to Siddaganga Mutt BASC Trek 2 RamadevarabettaDSC_0700which is around 1.5 kms from the Tumkur Highway.


We were greeted by Basavanna’s statue in the mutt’s premises.  We set out the path next to the Mutt’s School premises to reach Siddganga Mutt’s Rest House and adjacent there is a concrete road leading to the foot hills of the Hillock . Before reaching the base for our trek, we were welcomed by a dried lake with some beautiful lotus flowers.  BASC Trek 2 RamadevarabettaDSC_0716.jpgAfter completing our intro, we set forward to scale the summit.    We were joined by students of mutt’s school who are regular visitors on weekends.BASC Trek 2 RamadevarabettaDSC_0725.jpg

Realized that there are 28 boulders which we need to cross over to reach the peak and made up our mind.   Some of our enthusiastic trekkers, couple of them were 1st timers and rest had multiple experiences.    Weather was good, it was cloudy and the path did not seem to be challenging at the beginning.

BASC Trek 2 RamadevarabettaDSC_0727we came across muddy path which made it more challenging and dried grass which posed danger in scaling up .  We were supporting some of the 1st timers as the climb was a challenging one.    After sharing energy boosters and motivating words, we inspired them to complete the climb after frequent resting points and pics.    BASC Trek 2 RamadevarabettaDSC_0761.jpg

We were wondering if there would be a different path to climb down, but were told that we need to  come back in the same direction.   Thanks to Tumkur trekkers who had laid the directions which came in handy. Boulder no. 24 onwards, it is challenging 25th boulder is the starting boundry to reach the summit.

We were greeted by cool and strong breeze at the top of the hill, which had couple of ponds which were completely occupied by the mutt’s children.   The top of the hillock is surrounded by huge boulders and there is a ramalingeshwara temple atop the hillock standing strong amid varied weather conditions.BASC Trek 2 RamadevarabettaDSC_0776

We had couple of group selfie’s across the huge boulder shouldering the hillock.   After moving across the scenic locations , We had BASC Trek 2 Ramadevarabetta20170702_1218152nd round of introductions ,  After couple of selfies and portraits, we were helped by kids in capturing the group pic for memory, we started scaling down.   Scaling up took us 1.5 hours and scalling down was equally difficult and challenging which took easy 2.5 hours to the base .   We were joined by Jagadeesh, who is a avid trekker, photographer and publisher of a wild life magazine .   He gave us couple of leads for future treks.

We reached Siddaganga mutt and were feeling hungry, we joined fellow disciples for Anna Daasoha provided by the mutt authorities for all those visiting the mutt.   Mutt has been feeding thousands of them free of cost .  After finishing the prasadam and having the darshan of Swamaji, we set out to Kyatasandra Railway Station for Bangalore.

It was a memorable trek organised by BASC and thanks to the Organisers  Suresh, assisted by Raveendra in ensuring safety of all fellow trekkers, we reached Bangalore railway station and bid adieu to fellow trekkers.




photreknic from BASC on July 1st 2012 to Veerapuram, Yellodu and Lepakshi


We set up on the third successive photreknic from BASC on July 1st 2012 to Veerapuram, Yellodu and Lepakshi. There were 11 of us ( Chetana, Me, Muthu, Srivatsa, Dr. Harish, Nagaraj, Neha, Santhosh + 2 ) set out in our Dzire, Xylo and Yamaha motorcycle for a 240 kms drive on NH 7 from Bangalore. We zipped across the road as it was clear in the morning.

Reached chickballapur for breakfast, but our adda was closed as it was Sunday. We once again continued towards NH 7 and located Kamat Uphara for our breakfast. Looks like they had only Kharabaath and Kesribaath, heard they were previous days menu and we did not have any other choice but to have it with coffee. We received a whopping bill of 500 for a morsel of kharabath and a cup of coffee for 11 of us. Next we set out towards Veerapuram, in Andhrapradesh to have a glimse of the Strokes which migrate from far away siberia. After navigating across bad maintained roads and reaching the village, were met the curator of the birds Mr. venugopala Reddy who has been taking care of these birds for a long time. His house has couple of cages meant for the injured , tired birds so that he can take care of incubation of their eggs, nurse their wounds and let them off once they are fine.

After initial introduction, team set up to start clicking takin

g out their cameras, tripods, changing lenses, filters and clicking most amazing birds.

After we were satisfied with the pictures, team set out for the next destination, Yellodu in Karnataka which is 20 Kms from veerapuram. We reached Yellodu @ 11.30 AM and geared up to trek the 600 + steps to visit Lord Adinarayana Temple.

We were welcomed by herd of monkeys who were very curious of our backpacks and eatables that we carried.

When we reached around 300+ steps, were were amazed by the beauty of its surroundings which had very beautiful hillocks which were unexplored by humans and were pollution free.

We reached the abode of Lord Adinarayana and had the darshan. The hillock was flocked by beggers all around and were seated on each step which was a disturbing scene.

We set out to have our lunch @ arya vysya choultry who have been providing free lunch to all the visitors to the temple for years now. After having the lunch we set out to Lepakshi which is around 30 Kms from Yellodu and reached at 3.30 PM.

Lepakshi is very important historically and archaeologically. There are three shrines dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu and Virabhadra.

The famous Veerabhadra temple, dedicated to Veerabhadra, is located here. Built by the brothers Viranna and Virupanna, the temple is a notable example of the Vijayanagar architectural style.[1] It is famous for its sculptures, which were created by the artisans of Vijayanagara empire. A huge Nandi bull made out of a single granite stone is one of the attractions in Lepakshi.The place is renowned for being one of the best repository of mural paintings (see below) of the Vijayanagar Kings. Many old Kannada inscriptions dating back centuries can be seen on its walls. Legend has it that the Naga of the Nagalinga was carved out of a single stone by sculptors while they waited for their mother to prepare lunch.

Trek 2 Achalu Betta with Bangalore Ascenders

Was excited to join my trekking team at Bangalore Ascenders in exploring Achalu betta.  16 of enthusiast trekkers set out from Banashankari towards Kanakapura.  After filling fuel to our bodies at Vasu Hotel in Kanakapura we set out to explore Achalu Betta 15 Kms away from Kanakapura towards Sathnur.

1. Achalu Betta

After driving across narrow stretch of Achalu hamlet , we noticed that it has all the modern facilities.  We further travelled across the country side , we reached the base of the hillock and parked our cars at the foot hill and got ready to start our trek.   Weather was getting hotter and we planned to scale up the hillock before the sun changes the direction

2. Temple at the bottom of the hillock

Our team comprised of first time trekkers as well seasoned trekkers.   After identifying the trek path, smiling faces in our team set out to explore the peak. Our trek path was across wild plants, shrubs, bamboo groves  and  rocky path which was slippery at times .  There were traces of wild rabbits moving around and looked like it had rained few days back .

4. Beginning of the trek

Most of the trekkers were at ease in scaling up the hillock and  as usual our Ascenders team were supporting and cheering up the team members who found it a bit difficult to trek due to blazing sun and dust.  Finally we could scale the top of the peak and were over joyed that every one could finally scale the peak without much issues.   It took almost an hour and half to scale the height and we could see the Nandi statue in front of the local diety Muneshwara Temple atop the hill.

6. Smiling faces at the top of the peak

We had team introduction and relaxation at the peak before we started scaling up further.  We could see amazing nature’s beauty from across the rocks.   After team took pics and selfies, we started scaling down.

8. Background of Nandi statue11. Scenic Beauty from the peak

Descending was a challenge and it was slippery .   Finally we took another hour to descend were back to the base where our cars were parked.   We left for Kanakapura to fill our hungry stomach.  Once again it was Hotel Vasu which quenched our hunger.  We set out back to Bangalore to get back to the traffic zone.  After bidding adieu to the team, we reached our destinations.




Photreknic from BASC on July 1st 2012 to Veerapuram, Yellodu and Lepakshi

We set up on a  third successive photreknic from BASC on July 1st 2012 to Veerapuram, Yellodu and Lepakshi. There were 11 of us ( Chetana, Me, Muthu, Srivatsa, Dr. Harish, Nagaraj, Neha, Santhosh + 2 ) set out in our Dzire, Xylo and Yamaha motorcycle for a   240 kms drive on NH 7 from Bangalore. We zipped across the road as it was clear in the morning.

Reached chickballapur for breakfast, but our adda was closed as it was Sunday. We once again continued towards NH 7 and located Kamat Uphara for our breakfast. Looks like they had only Kharabaath and Kesribaath, heard they were previous days menu and we did not have any other choice but to have it with coffee. We received a whopping bill of 500 for a morsel of kharabath and a cup of coffee for 11 of us.

Next we set out towards Veerapuram, in Andhrapradesh to have a glimse of the Strokes which migrate from far away siberia. After navigating across bad maintained roads and reaching the village, were met the curator of the birds Mr. venugopala Reddy who has been taking care of these birds for a long time. His house has couple of cages meant for the injured , tired birds so that he can take care of incubation of their eggs, nurse their wounds and let them off once they are fine.  

After initial introduction, team set up to start clicking taking out their cameras, tripods, changing lenses, filters and clicking most amazing birds.   Teams started getting on to the roof tops of house of villagers.    They were very accommodative and assisted us in admiring the beauty of the birds.

We were waiting till th older birds come to feed their younger ones with the Fish they would hunt down the ponds and come to feed them.  Most of the mother strokes started arriving at 10.30 AM with the feeds.    Baby strokes / young strokes which were nested were alerted of their mothers arrival and were eagerly waiting for the feed.

Finally the team wrapped the photosession and we left to Yellodu which is gudibande taluk, chickballapur dist to visit the holy shrine of Lord Adinarayana which is around 30 Kms fromVeerapuram.  

we reached the foothills @ 11.45 AM and strated trekking towards the shrine which has 600+ steps to cover.   It was a daunting task since we had completed the recent trek to huthridurga. But when we covered 300+ steps, the nature was so beautiful and we forgot our stress and started admiring it.

We were welcomed by heard of monkeys which are common in these areas.    They were very curious to see what eatables we had brought and were peeping into our bags

We reached 300+ steps and viewed the nature beauty which was amazing and breath taking as the nature was untouched by trekker and was pollution free.  Dr. Harry was already planning for exploring this hillock and was describing the structure of the hill.        Finally we coverd 600+ steps to enter the shrine of Lord Adinarayana and got his darshan.    Dr. Harry was concerned with the cleanliness of the shrine and gave his mind to couple of devotees who were breaking the coconut offered to  them and warned them to keep the premises clean.

DaanUtsav Celebration in Bengaluru

We from MTHR were exited about the DaanUtsav preparations and delivery.   October 8th 2016 is a day to be remembered.   Thanks to Jayaprakash, Prof Sapthgiri and Team SCaps for their amazing support in making this memorable.

We stuck to sandwich Daan Seva  and had identified couple of Govt schools and Orphanages where our volunteers were active in distribution.   We had 1600 numbers to cater to in and around South Bangalore. This was increased by another 400 after Robin Hood Army pitched in. Our initiative was supported by I Volunteers Pan India and locally by Robin Hood Army who helped in preparing and distributing the sandwiches.

To ensure that we support this  noble cause, Jain University played a wonderful role by providing not  only the infrastructure, but supported by amazing team of  students from their MBA stream , students from BNM IT, MTHRites , team I volunteers and Robin Hood Army.

MTHRites were touched by the warm gesture and infrastructure provided to us.    Two classroom with neat tables were wrapped up to facilitate the entire process of Sandwich making

Day started well with amazing Team of 80 students from Jain University demonstrated how a LIVE supply chain and distribution can take place.   The entire process was very well orchestrated by them from Making the delivery boxes, labeling it, inserting the wrappers , preparing and packing the sandwiches.   The entire process was seamless.   Later the team was joined by 10 BNMIT students, followed by amazing MTHRites ( HR Professionals) from various corporates in preparing the sandwiches.  Team ivolunteer and Robin Hood Army volunteers joined the action. img-20161008-wa0136

Students and MTHRites prepared 2000 sandwitches which was distributed by student volunteers , MTHRites and Robin Hood Army to different localities in south Bangalore. Jain University flagged off the first consignment of sandwiches worth 360+ boxes to Sangameshwara Primary School, Byrasandra , Jayanagar .    img-20161008-wa0183

Our MTHRites and Jain University represented by Jaya Prakash were very enthusiastic in distributing the boxes to the kids who were eagerly waiting for us to join them.     Most of them accepted the boxes with smile and we were touched by their gestures.

img-20161008-wa0117Second consignment was flagged to the Govt Primary School at J P Nagar 9th Phase and Child Fund Association Orphanage where we met lovely kids , these are amazing kids .

Most of the kids we met at the  primary school were very enthusiastic and eagerly waiting for the boxes to be distributed and there after we walked to the nearby neighborhood of CFA orphanage.   Here we met lovely kids with special talents.   They had painted the diyas with lovely art which they sell it for raising funds.   Couple of MTHRites picked up the diyas for our homes.    Kids were so disciplined and received the sandwiches with gratitutde.  20161008_134317

Amazing moment was when Shamasundar sir addressed the kids and boosted their morale with invaluable thoughts .  Further he was kind enough to entertain them by mimicing kannada film artists.    After spending couple of minutes there, we departed from the house of these kids with memorable thoughts.

Our last destination in distribution was J P Nagar 3rd phase park where we had kids from the local slums.  They came running as soon as we landed there.  There were chaos all around the park with the families fighting for the packets.   Annapurna and Sumita braced all those chaos and distributed the remaining sandwich boxes.

We all left the place satisfied with memorable thoughts.   We had beautiful smiles around us.    Every one of us were so grateful to Jain University team lead by Prof Sapthagiri, Jayaprakash, Team S Caps, Students and Staff who made the difference and demonstrated Unity is Strength.

BASC Trek 2 Huliyur Durga

Was waiting for a 1 day trek and BASC organised a day’s trek to Huliyur Durga.  12 of avid trekkers set out to explore Huliyur Durga in 3 cars .  Its was cloudy morning, but with serene weather it was suitable for a long drive.

Distance to this hillock is about 80 Kms from Bengaluru ( Majestic),  60 km south of Tumkur town and about 22 km south of Kunigal .  Enjoyed the long drive from Bengaluru to Magadi and its awesome to drive from Magadi to Huliyurdurga via Huthidurga road.  Its full of lush green trees and bushes with hairpin bends in between.    One should exercise care especially at the hairpin bends.

Finally when we reached the base of the hill we found out that its  a solid mass of rock and has the peculiar appearance of an inverted cup. The fortification of the hill commanding the place is about 845 metrHD1es above the sea level and were said to have been erected by Kempe Gowda, the Magadi chief.

We had gone with the assumption that it would be a easy to moderate trek, but ended up with a 2 Km Trek which took around 2 hours for us to climb up the hillock.  This is one place which is not inundated by plastic, as we see in most of the trekking places.    Huliyur Durga is in midst of lush green forest.

HD57There is a beautiful Ganesha temple at the base of the hill which ushers the trekkers to rest in its abode before you gear up to search the path for the trek, as its very narrow stretch  leading to the main rock.   One has to be really careful when stepping on the boulders along the path, they are on loose soil and can come falling down.   Even the twigs and shrubs are on loose soil.  One need to make use of them to navigate through the HD52narrow stretch.

We had to face couple of boulders which was the gate way to the fort which was not foreseen by us,  Suresh came up with the strategy and managed to prepare a make shift rope out of the bush  and helped the fellow trekkers to climb up the rock with ease.   Even though it looked easy, it was  very slippery.  It could have been more slippery if it had rained.   Luckily the weather God’s were kind for the team to climb up.

We HD53had to remove our trek shoes and climb with bare foot to avoid any slippages.    It was an awesome experience of rock climbing.

There are springs,  ruined houses, powder magazines granaries, durbar hall and other remains. The temple close to this hill is said to have been built by Kempe Gowda or by Chikkadeveraya Wodeyar.  One can see the ruined temple atop the hill.   One should not venture going to the temple, as it is surrounded by shrubs and dense bushes.

Finally we were atop the  hillock,  witnessed the nature at its best, it was fantastic to see the Huliyurdurga village surrounded by paddy fields.   After spending an hour at the peak, the team embarked to descend the hillock.    It was a herculean task as we were supposed to  slide down the hillock and step down the loose soil and avoid loose stones falling down, but after successful navigation from core team members we could safely land to the base.  Thanks to Suresh, Raveendra and Harsha who made a difference as usual.HD7

Trekkers who would like to visit this place should consider the below points.

  • Carry Rope for rock climbing and rappelling
  • Cloth Bag  for carrying your shoes & slippers
  • Carry enough water , as you do not find water source.
  • Do not spill eatables and spoil the environment, store wastage in carry bags and dispose at the appropriate place
  • Do not venture alone, be in a group.
  • Do not overtake , you have hairpin bends from Magadi – Huliyurdurga.

Happy Trekking……   Bengaluru Ascenders always Rock

See you all at the next trek.

Source : Wikipedia – en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Huliyurdurga

Google Map – goo.gl/maps/FJG6ZkPWJgR2

BASC Trek 2 Bheemana Kindi


Bheemana Kindi is a natural rock formation resulting in a Arch ( hillock ) located in Kenchanahalli village on Halgur – Channapatna Road 87 Kms from Banashankari, Bengaluru. Mythology says that Bheema sliced the rocks with his mace ( gade) into two pieces, hence this place is known as Bheemana Kindi.

BASC planned a one day Trek almost after a year, 29 of met at Banashankari Bus stand The highlight of the trek were 2 little ones who are avid trekkers.  Samrudh is in class II and Sushmitha is in class III. who motivated us to plan ahead.   We pooled in 6 vehicles and zipped towards Kanakapura ( 50 Kms) which is a hours drive. Our next pitstop was at Vasavi Food Joint ( before Taluk Office) Kanakapura.   This place is famous for Masala Dosa and Tatte Idly.  After hogging the Masala Dosa & relinquishing  Kaapi and getting our food packed ( Puliyogare) we headed  towards Halgur.   After zipping past Sathnur, we reached Halgur Circle and took right turn to reach Kenchana Halli Cross on Channapatna Road.  After zipping past the Kenchanahalli Village, we landed at Kanive Anjaneya Temple which is located opposite at the foot hills of this hillock.   Parked our vehicles in the temple premises and got ready to trek after the lunch packets were distributed.   1

Before the trek, we took a group pic clicked by our friend, a JCB operator who was working nearby in laying trench to ensure water flow to the fields.

After initial introduction, we set out for the trek. Fortunately it was a pleasant weather, cloudy though Sun played Hide n seek.    We trekked across the Mango Grove and tilled fields to reach the trekking path from the Pump House .    After confirming the attendance, we set out after a brief photo session of the team.   This trek is ideal for the first timers.   Even though its not treacherous, it gives one the wonderful feeling about the trekk.    Both the kidos kept us on our feet and challenged us to climb.7

Our team comprised of Husband – Wife , Mother – Son combination, Sisters, Colleagues and Friends who were part of this wonderful team.    Since we had first time trekkers, we took regular breaks to ensure they are not tired.   After motivating them and couple of photo session through out the trail. 24we reached the Kalyani ( no water) .  But all our hero’s and Continue reading



It was a marathon third weekend we set upon one more exciting journey from BASC to Yellodu and Lepakshi on a Photreknic which was fabolous.

11 of us started our journey from Mekhri circle @ 4.45 AM ( Myself, Chetana, Mutthu, Srivatsa in my vehicle)  –            (Dr. Harish, Nagaraj, Neha, Arun, Santhosh) in his xylo and 2 others in their Yamaha for a 240 Kms drive.


We zipped across to reach chickballapur for breakfast and were disappointed as our usual adda was closed and we ventured on NH7 once again to be welcomed by Kamat Uphar.    We were to satisfy with only kharabath + coffee as there was no other option.    But the bill was whopping 50/- for one morsel of kharabath !!!!!    Srivatsa got an idea to improve the business as he is from Udupi!!!!.

We continued our journey towards Yellodu and on the way we visited Veerapuram on Andhra – Karnataka border which is famous for migratory birds.     Astonishingly we met Mr. Venugopala Reddy who has been a curator for these birds and take care of the injured birds, their food and preserves the eggs of these birds, if they are abandoned.       His house consists of cages which houses these birds.    


After initial introduction and briefing, team scattered and got into the roof tops of the houses to capture the wonderful strokes.   It was photographers delight and we could capture some amazing pictures. After spending considerable time @ Veerapuram, we set out to the next destination, Yellodu is around 30 Kms from Veerapuram and reached Yellodu @ 11.45 AM.  Yellodu which has Lord Adinarayana and to reach the temple we were supposed to trek 600+ steps.     


It was a breathtaking beauty of the place which was located serene and far from pollution.   We were greeted by  army of monkeys which are very common in these places.      One of them followed us till the foot steps and was peeping across the bags to find out if we had something to eat.Image

After climbing around 300+ steps, we could see the breathtaking beauty covered by mountains.    


After visiting the temple, we finished our lunch @ Arya Vyshya Choultry where they offer free food to all the people visiting the place.   

We left for next destination Lepakshi @ 2.45 PM.  Most of us were exited and gave good work for our cameras taking some amazing pictures.

We reached Lepakshi @ 3.30 PM and were taken aback by the beauty of the temple architecture.   After having the darshan of Lord Veerabhadra, we set out to capture the images.


We saw the elegant pillars supporting the temple complex and behind the temple was stone carvings of Naga Lingeshwara and Lord Ganesha on the corridors of the temple.      Behind the temple is a incomplete kalayanamantapa ( Marriage hall).  For the construction Viruppana was nominated as the treasurer and he used funds from the imperial treasury. Virupanna‘s enemies reported to the emperor that the treasury funds were being embezzled and the treasure was in danger of being exhausted. In those days it was customary to pluck the eyes of the keeper of the royal treasury if he was found guilty of theft or embezzlement. The king ordered that Virupanna should be blinded.Virupanna, being a loyal servant carried out on the spot with his own hands, this order, and to this day, two dark stains are shown on the west wall of the southern entrance of the inner enclosure, which are said to be the marks made by his eyes which he himself threw at the wall. The builder of the temple did not survive long after this and hence the kalyanamandapa was left unfinished.


Trek 2 Huthridurga


Was exited to join the Huthridurga trek when BASC shared the information.   Usually i used be lax as the window for registration is very less with BASC as most would flock and the registration gets closed.   But when i joined the previous trek @ Kailsaparvatha trek last week, was eagerly waiting for the next opportunity.

It was well coordinated treknic which had a team of 21 seasoned, first timers, amateur trekkers.

Most of us were exicted to see Hutridurga after exploring on google maps, you tube and other blogs.   Set out in 4 vehicles accommodating 21 of us.    There were last minute updations and thanks to Raveendra for accepting most of the requests and guiding people to pool into the vehicles of their choice and assemble @ Sunkadakatte on Magadi Road.

Reached Sunkadakatte with 4 fellow trekkers – Raghu, Chetana, Keerthana, Subbu and  Nitin ( after missing the  magadi road cross and ending up at Tumkur Road) as I was cruising in the morning.    Returned back to Magadi road to reach sunkadakatte  and waited opposite Indian Oil Petrol bunk for other trekkers to join.     Sandy ( Sandip Seal)  was already waiting in his Ferrari!!! ( Omni) With his kiddos  (Sourajit Seal  and Souvik Seal)      and Mallikarjun.

Raveendra joined past 6 at the spot with 4  ( Raveendra, Geetha Bala, Aishwarya, Chirag, Pradeep        of his fellow team mates and final to arrive was Dr. Harish Babu in his Xylo with  Arun Patil, Ishwar, Shiva, Lanchana Gupta, Tejaswi,  We set towards Magadi @ 6.30 AM after formal intro of the group and what a cruise it was, clean roads, free from traffic ( atleast during that part of the day)!!  And reached magadi @ 7.45 AM and took a break for breakfast @ Hotel Gayathri Vihar on Magadi – Kunigal Road.   Hotel owner cum waiter was surprised to see 21 of us decending on his hotel and was quick to order for Idli, Vada, Puliogre for our folks.    Most of us were careful in resting on the chairs ( as they were swinging due to heavy load)!!!!

We set towards huthridurga which is once again around 12 kms from Magadi and parked our roaring monsters at the paddy field meant for parking ( to avoid tractors kissing their Bangalore monsters)

Our trek started at 8.30 AM from next to a brick manufacturing unit and we started very enthusiastically.    Our cameras were out and started shooting the rocks and were admired at the rock formation along the route.

We took regular breaks admiring the nature’s beauty and did not feel the tiredness till we reached 800 mts altitude.

We reached the hill top @ 10.30 AM to be welcomed by Nandi at the entrance and saw a beautiful Shiva temple at the top which is in a depleted condition now.      After resting for some time we left to explore  further the hillock.    Walking through shrubs, steep rocks and evading cactus we reached a plateu which was very calm, serene and surrounded by rocks.

Keerthana, Subbu and Nitin started exploring further and were enjoying themselves crusing ahead of the team always and were climbing steep rocks and getting more adventurous.  They were practising  how to dive for a photo shoot!! On all the rocks they could climb and team Sandy was up a rock with tutu enjoying the beauty  rest of us did not want to overcrowd the rocks and  quietly laid down on our back enjoying the beauty of the sky and the surroundings making mockery of each other.

When it was time for  the  lunch, raveendra alerted us to get back to the temple for lunch preparation.    This was one of the momentous  period and every one of us got into action to support the lunch preparation.    Raveendra had brought the portable stove and the utensil with a spoon ( courtesy Geetha)  with camphor tablets which was lit and chef’s Sandy, Shiva got into action arranging for preparing Maggi in supervision of Geetha. Rest of us were busy clicking pictures, some rested on the rocks,  some were busy collecting and brining firewood for liting the fire.

Once we started preparing we realized that we don’t have plates, tumblers and spoons.    Only organised person was Dr. Harish, who had neatly brought a steel plate with him  for the lunch.    For others we hit on the plan to get the  leaves out of the banyan tree and cleaned it.   Water was poured to the utensil from the water bottles for magi  preparation.  Geetha and Shiva did the honors of cutting  the masala powders sachets and showered the powder on the magi.   Sandy was quick enough to stir the maggi and was helped by Shiva.    Once it was prepared, leaves were distributed to the team and maggi was served to every one with the sweet and spicy buns shared by Chetana , it was a good combination with Maggi and in no time Maggi disappeared as folks were hungry.

Rain god started showering some water ( drizzle) when we started having our  maggi oota  and guys enjoyed the showers.  Keerthana and her team went for one more photo shoot of jumping on the rocks and did not participate in our maggi oota.

 We were just banking on 2 lts of water for the entire folks to consume water after lunch.   Most of us just had a sip and did not want to waste it till we reached the base.

After the standing, sitting lunch, we rested for 20 minutes  before embarking to the base to reach our vehicles.        Sandy was very helpful and helped the team to easily climbdown by offering his hands always  especially to Geetha who was very scared.    Finally when we reached the base, raveendra gave a vote of thanks to the team and we dispersed from hurthridurga to Bangalore.

Enroute team had Idli, Masala vada and oota at Magadi before we visited Lord Ranganatha temple before crusing back to Namma Bengaluru.  

Overall it was a fantastic team trek after a long time.